Looking for 24" Monitor with good response time and refresh rate. Suggestions please.

Hi, Title says what you need to know. Wanting to upgrade monitor as I have a small 17" widescreen monitor which I have had for quiet awhile and only runs on 1280x768 and about 16ms with 60hz

I have around £120-£160 to spend which is around $200-$270? It will be used for PS3+PC.

Wanting a monitor which has HDMI+DVI or just HDMI and possibly built in speakers as I think I may need them for PS3. 1920x1080 resolution would be great and not sure about the refresh rate. 75hz+? Thanks.

I have a steelseries sibera v2 headset and theres a 3.5mm audio cable that will need to go into the monitor (headphone jack) I think for the headset to work.
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  1. BenQ GW2450HM Monitor

    I was thinking of this or something. Just want to know if there is any better monitors? LED? LCD? IPS? etc.

    And what would be the best to monitor to buy overall. I play games daily. Something easier on the eyes. Probably LED?
  2. Best answer hands down :p IPS are not that good for gaming since they lack response time.
  3. watafak said: hands down :p IPS are not that good for gaming since they lack response time.

    Amazing Monitor :) I'm not too bothered about the response time as long as it's under 8ms. The reason I'm not bothered is because I currently play on a (17" 1280x768 16ms 60hz) monitor and want a good upgrade to 24" and full hd :)

    I might buy that monitor as it looks great. Thanks for suggestion :) nobody replied apart from you :/
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