How to speed up my ASUS 64bit Windows 7 laptop when have plenty of memory? How to copy/paste list of programs!?

My computer is running insanely slow and freezing up at times. Not sure what info is needed to assess my situation but my processor info: i5-2450M CPU @ 2.50GHz. I have a lot of memory 4GB RAM (3.78 GB useable). I primarily use my CPU to listen to itunes, surf the web, edit videos and photos thru premiere elements. That's pretty much it! but even my internet runs slow at times with full wifi bars. I have a lot of music saved in my music folder but i believe itunes may also save my music in an itunes folder although I'm not sure how to tell and I'm afraid to delete and fear duplicates but ccleaner hasnt spotted any. I want to list my programs so I could know what programs I can uninstall but am unsure how to copy ad paste from my control panel. HELP! Computer savvy but unsure about how my cpu stores data. Any suggestions would very much be appreciated!
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  1. Might check start up and disable any unneeded items, defrag your HD, increase size of page file, run a registry cleaner (Wise has a good free version)
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