How to Restore XP Old Backup (.bkf) files on Windows 2007 OS in easiest way?

I am using an MS window XP OS from longtime for operating various applications. Even I created three backup (.bkf) files with help of windows Ntbackup utility. In these backup files, I have storage my entire precious official documents files, friends or families photographs, birthday party videos and some my favorites songs collections etc. But I want to move and shift my all backup files in windows 2007 operating system without missing any single file content property. Moreover, I know that Microsoft Company has closed support section for Ntbackup utility on April 2014. Therefore I am looking an intelligent and well technical software which can restore my old XP backup (.bkf) files on windows 2007 OS in simple manner. Please suggest me best services for restoring BKF data on windows 2007 OS.
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  1. You must use the same backup software that you used to create the backups.
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