Alienware 17 vs asus ROG G750

I want to buy a gaming laptop that will last me about 3 to 4 years and the price should be below 1600 dollars
Which one is better alienware 17 or the asus rog g750
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  1. are you upgrading/customizing any or just getting the base models
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    definitely get the asus ROG. no contest.
    Better price for the specs, runs almost silent and cool as the proverbial cucumber.
    also the best worksmanship in the business.
  3. whats your country of origin and maximus budget?
  4. I live in india
    And my budget is around one lack and fifty thousand which is approximately 2500 dollars
  5. I live in India too if you have any relatives you can give them money to buy it and send it buy hand to you by some close friend or relative, you can also buy it when you are going to meet them. Do not buy it in India the prices are doubled. Always open the box and then take it with you or you will be charged with tax
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