600 Budget Gaming PC (Is this build good? HELP!)

Below is my gaming PC. I've never ever build a PC before so please don't judge. Suggest any comments and tips to save even more money :D Thanks!
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    Here an Intel CPU/AMD GPU based build suggestion .

    CPU & GPU : $273 - Intel i3-4150 & Sapphire R9 270 - (GPU Much better than current choice)
    Motherboard: $58- Biostar H81- (It has free Wifi card)
    HDD & Case Fan: $56- Seagate 1TB -
    RAM & ODD $53- : GSKill 4GB & LiteOn - keep cost into consideration used one 4 GB stick , get another 4GB stick later. Also $5 off with promo on ODD)
    PSU- EVGA 430 80+ Certified ($40) -
    Case: $35 - NZXT Source 210 -
    Monitor: $110- Acer 21.5" FullHD LED - (Has $10 off with promo)
    Total (Excl. Rebates,promo): 624 USD

    Rebates,Promo: $55

    Hope you like it!
  2. The build you have is great dont let other point you in the wrong direction.
    An amd 4000 series is sufficient for gaming so if you plan on a 6000 series you are future proofed and didn't spend the ubber cash intel wants people to pony up.
  3. use the cooler master n300 if you want to save some bucks and put a custom cooler like the gelid solutions tranquilo rev 2 in it. maybe the gigabyte ga-970a ud3p for the mobo. but this one will be fine too. overal a good build.
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