Installing windows 8 on a new SSD, with windows 7 Installed on another HDD

Ok so, here is the deal. I recently bought a SSD and want to instal windows 8 on it. However I already have windows 7 installed on my regular HDD. This, I want to get rid of as I want a clean instal. When trying the reset your pc option in the windows 8 instal it says : reset your pc unable to reset your pc. a required drive partition is missing.

How should I approach this?
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  1. What I would suggest here is to unplug your HDD and make sure you only have your SSD plugged in. After your SSD is pluged in, do a fresh install of windows8. After your fresh install, plug back in your HDD and format it.

    I think it's that simple.
  2. ToineF is right, and you can cover it with an external hard disk case and make it a backup/emergency drive (if the hdd is not prone to failure). :D ;) . Why waste an HDD?
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