Asus P8Z77-V Powers off after CPU_LED a second time

The other day my computer randomly just started making a lot of noise due to my computer which was at idle, graphics card. So I was like this sucks my graphics card just went bye bye, so I took out the GPU and well not instead, all the LED's go through then after the last one which is the VGA_LED, the motherboard goes back to the CPU_LED and then shuts off, this then loops and loops with the computer coming on then coming off doing the exact same thing, could this mean that both my GPU and CPU just died randomly? It's an Intel i5-3570k and an Evga GTX660SC

Oh i forgot to say, after the loud noise of the high rpm on the fan, there was no display
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    what are you full specs incl. exact psu model and case?
    here's a thread may help with the troubleshooting:
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