Does lower TDP make turbo boost mode run longer?

I decided to buy a CPU for my Z87M Gaming mother board. I already have my nvidia Geforce 560 Ti, Xonar GSX Sound Card, and 2 memory cards. I want to pick one of the two following Intel CPUs: I5 4690 and i5 4690"S". While i5 4690 seems better because of higher clock speed, they both have the same turbo boost speed and i5 4690 has lower TDP. TDP for i5 4690 is 84 W while i5 4690S has only 65 W. Does this mean i5 4690S has an upper hand in terms of turbo boost longevity? Would they perform the same if I ran modern games because of turbo boost?
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  1. no, because turbo boost have to run within that TDP of 65W
  2. nope.

    the "S" lineup are "energy efficient" or "green" cpus... that people buy to pat themselves on the back and tell themselves the $0.03 they saved over the course of a year in power saved some otters or something.

    There is no lifespan or turbo improvement by using a "s" variant over a non-"s". The intel turbo is a variable turbo thats limited by threads used, not by heat or power... single threaded things see the highest possible turbo output, multithreaded things see the max turbo reduced.

    btw: why would you buy a "z" motherboard and a non-"k" cpu? the "Z" series boards support overclock, getting a non-"k" cpu makes little sense.
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    No. Turbo boost allows it to run above TDP for a short amount of time. At the end of that time, it will drop back to within TDP.

    The 4690 will perform better; the S is only for situations where you can't fit a large enough cooler.
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