Would my Core 2 Duo Q9400 bottleneck a GTX 750ti FTW?

Hello, my uncle recently built a brand new gaming PC, and handed his old one down to me. I just finished my freshman year in high school, and my dad offered to buy me a new graphics card for getting good grades. I searched around, and eventually decided that I would like the GTX 750ti FTW edition from EVGA. My question is, would my Intel Core 2 Duo Q9400 bottleneck the performance of that card?
My current PC specs:
CPU: Intel Core 2 duo Q9400 @ 2.66ghz
GPU: Nvidia 550ti (reference model) I overclocked this to 1000 Mhz
Mobo: EVGA 123-YW-E175-A1 (
Memory: 8gb of generic Samsung RAM.
Storage: 1TB Seagate HDD
PSU: 650 watts
I chose the 750ti FTW mainly for the price to performance ratio, but please suggest any other sub-$200 cards you think would work!
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  1. depends on the games and what resolution you will be playing.
    If you look at the recommended hardware for a game you will know if it will work or not.

    You can go to this website and inquire about a game if you can run it
  2. To answer the question on the title : YES
  3. Yes. Get a better cpu.
  4. Gabriel V said:
    Yes. Get a better cpu.

    Well that's almost the best CPU you can get with LGA 775. Get a new board and CPU
  5. I dont think it would be a huge bottleneck, not so much that it would be a total waste of money. If you plan to overclock the CPU, the bottleneck would be further reduced. I think you would be fine with a gtx 750ti and a q9400.
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    based on some of the Tom's articles on bottlenecking, they showed that a FX4100(AMD) only slightly bottlenecked an AMD R9 270. this is important to note because the 4100 is on the same tier of their CPU charts as the old 775-socket Q9xxx chips. the beauty of those is they are very easy to OC. so. 750Ti bottlenecked on that CPU? Yes, but not too badly. If you're not in a position for a new build, and the rest of the computer is a home-built deal, Crank that CPU up to around 3.0GHZ and enjoy your 750Ti!
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