Least powerful nVidia card able to run modern games on high settings

Hi All,
I'm looking into building a PC, and I'm trying to determine which graphics card would allow me to run games on high settings while costing the least. I don't need an insanely powerful card, but I would like to be able to play games like Far Cry 3 and Grid 2 without performance issues.
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  1. in 1080p you'll probably need a 660ti/760 or 770...

    depends on the title. the 760 is sorta the baseline card... you should be able to play pretty much everything in ultra with it... though there are some games where you'll have to turn down some settings (like AA). if you don't like turning stuff down, the 770 will get you closer to just picking "ultra" and leaving it.
  2. The Gtx 760 should be able to handle Far Cry 3 and Grid 2, but still it is safer to go with a Gtx 770.
    The Gtx 760 is already struggling to run the latest games on ultra smoothly with a Gtx 770 you will have a bit more headroom.
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    [Least likely] GTX 750ti > GTX 660 > GTX 760 > GTX 770 [most likely]

    At 1080p the GTX 760 is ideally the lowest you'd want to play on high smoothly.

    Below 1080p the GTX 660 would be ideal, or if even lower the GTX 750ti..

  4. Thank you all so much!
  5. The truth is that the OC 760 seems like a great idea, leaving you a comfortable margin performance, good cooling and building games offers that come with it better yet.

    GTX 760
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