r9 270x crossfire + OC on 750w psu?

I want to run 2x r9 270x and OC my I5 3570k to around 4 Ghz.
my psu is the cooler master G750M.
would this work?
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    You have enough power, yes.

    It's not the greatest PSU, but it's made by CWT who are generally reliable. Mild overclocking is okay. Quality wise it's on par with Corsair's CX series as you can see in this PSU unit tier list snippet.

    Tier three - Meets standard ATX specifications, though closer to the edges than Tier two units. These are still solid units, which still supply stable power to your system, though not ideal for serious overclocking

    Acbel Polycom series

    Powerplus (Greater than 500 Watts)

    AMS Mercury series

    Basiq series
    Earthwatts series (greater than 700 Watts)
    Neopower 480 Watt (Old model)
    Truecontrol MK2
    Truepower MK2 / MK3

    Athena Power space shuttle series

    Be Quiet
    Dark power pro (Less than 750 Watts)
    Pure power L8 / Purepower L8 CM series
    Straight power E9 400 Watts

    Bitfenix Fury 750w

    Cooler master
    G550M <---------------------------------------------------------------- THE 550W VERSION :bounce:
    GX II 750 Watts
    i Series 700 Watts
    iGreen series
    Real power pro (less than 800 Watts)
    Silent pro M2 / Gold / Platinum series

    CS series (High inrush current and +12V ripple levels, only on high levels of load)
    CX / CXM series
    RM 750 / 850w models (LTEC capacitors and made by Chicony)
    VS series

    Maximum Plus series
    naXn ADV 650 Watts
    Revolution X't series
    Triathlor / Traiathlor FC series

    Enhance ENS-G
    Epower Xscale series

    Supernova 750 Watts
    Supernova Classified 1500 Watts

    FSP Aurum 92+ 650M

    Fractal Design
    Integra R2 650 / 750 Watts
    Tesla R2

    Lazer series
    Mach 1 (the negative 12v rail may go slightly outside of spec in some loading conditions)

    Lepa G900

    ModXStream (rated at 40° C)
    Z series 1000 Watts

    Fortress Series
    Hercules 1600 Watts
    Hive series
    RP 2 (temp. Sensitive)
    Xtreme / RX series

    Seasonic Super versatile series
    Sigma SP series
    Silversone F prefix
    Sparkle FSP units
    Spire Rocketeer V/VI
    Sunbeam Nuuo

    Litepower series
    Purepower RX
    Toughpower <less than 600 watts

    Topower 1000w Gold
    XG Magnum
    X-Spice Kira series
    Zalman ZM 850 / 1000 watts
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