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Somehow a bloat-ware browser hijacker escaped my attention and made it into my system. (When did CNET become a delivery mechanism for this sort of stuff?)

The spam-ware is called "trovi" it hijacks my browser's home screen, default search engine and new tab page to point to I'm able to fix the home screen and default search engine, but have no idea how to fix the "new tab" screen.

In both firefox and chrome my default new tab screen is the "plugin/extension manager". I'd be happy to set both to my home screen, although I'd really like to get back to the default. Problem is ... apparently there is no setting for "open new tab with..." in either firefox or chrome. Ideas?


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    Try full scan with other adware/virus removal from (hitman pro, junkware removal tool, adwcleaner, roguekiller, superantispyware, TDSSKiller), Malwarebytes, Avast.
    Chrome - clean up Extensions
    Firefox - clean up Add-ons extensions
  2. Thanks for both answers. Since you provided me with multiple choices I tried it first and it worked.

    When I researched how to get rid of that specific hijacker myself all I found were sites that said to install another program to help remove it and it was a program whose name I didn't recognize.

    Still think it's odd that there is no setting on Firefox/Chrome to modify the behavior of new tabs, but wouldn't have helped anyway, this little bugger installed something to keep me coming back for more and malwarebytes found it.
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