Which processor for media server/light gaming machine?

I started out looking to build the most budget machine I could, and I still want that to be a major consideration, but I'm willing to spend a little more if it makes it more future proof or run better.

The main thing I'll be using it for is as a plex media server and for light gaming. The main game I'm wanting to play is Wildstar, but I might try more intensive games in the future. Since it is a plex media server, some of the time when my roommates are streaming video it may require transcoding, so if possible I'd like to be able to play a game while it's transcoding without a huge drop off in performance. For this reason I was originally leaning towards an AMD CPU like the FX 6300 or 8320, but I was curious if I should maybe instead get an i3 since I can later upgrade to an i5. In this scenario would more cores always mean better performance?

If it matters for my graphics card I'm planning on getting a EVGA 750 TI SC.
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  1. I like the i5 combo better; Newer and faster.
  2. Any Haswell i3 is better than the 6300, and I'm pretty sure the 4360 (that's the best one right?) is better than the 8320
  3. Haswell i3 with an H97 pro4 now, upgrade to a 1231v3 later.
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