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Coul'd you please help me? I'm trying to upgrade my PC with better GPU. Problem is that my PC is small factor form and has 240 watts PSU.
What is the best GPU for such PC?

Here is the link with specifications of my PC:

I've made a little upgrade. I have SSD now, if it makes any difference considering power consumption.
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  1. With a SFF case it's not worth upgrading the card because of the PSU limitations.
  2. for what purpose? business apps, gaming, video editing/Gpu processing... ?
  3. Let's say for gaming. I'm not looking for best performance in general, but for the best I can get with those limitations.
  4. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102958

    Not available anymore

    Had this in a hp 6500 pro SFF.
  5. Tnx for advice. Is it better than Radeon R7 240 or maybe Radeon HD 8570 (not sure if this one would work)?
  6. Maybe a LP gt610.
  7. I've looked on some benchmarks and gt 610 has lower performance than ati you mentioned before. How about hd 7750? Is this psu capable to run that card?
  8. Sorry for bothering you guys but it makes a huge difference for me. :-)

    I'm just wondering one more thing. Is this calculation good? This numbers I took from pc specifications and added some watts more...
    Processor - 80w
    Memory - 6w
    Optical drive - 20w
    SSD - 5w
    Chipset - 10w
    Fans - 5w

    If I add all this up, it makes it 126w of pover consumption. With 240w (90% efficient) psu I have about 100w for gpu, right? Is there anything I'm missing?
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