3 displays over 2 cards on a non SLI board

Okay so some of you may laugh at this because it could be stupid but I don't know, I've currently got a 9600GT installed as my main graphics card (hey not all of us can afford titans or 7970's) and I want to run 3 displays, I already know that I can't do this using just the 9600 because it only has two dvi slots, but I've also got a GeForce 210 lying around which has a vga, a dvi, and a hdmi port on. Now this is the part that sounds stupid, the 9600gt runs games better than the 210 so I want to keep that and I was thinking to get that third display would it be possible for me to get a PCIe x8 to PCIe x16 adapter and plug the 210 into that, then plug the third display into the 210. Would it possible for me to do this? If so would it run automatically or would I need some software to emulate SLI? This is also my first post, made an account just for this although I have previously used the forums to solve other problems:p
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    What it sounds like you want to do isnt possible.
    While you can add the gt210 and get a 3rd display it would be an independant display so you wouldnt have surround gaming which is what I think you are trying to get.
    The best you will have is a website,video, or something on the 210 while gaming on the 9600. I do this too; watch a movie or have a walktru up on the gt520 screen while running a game on the gtx460.
  2. So if I was to run cryengine(it's the main purpose of wanting another display) would I be able to have one of the windows open on there? Not the actual game side of the editor but say the material editor or database view? The way the displays would be positioned would make it awkward to have a game stretched over anyway so I wouldn't need it for that luckily:p
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