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Hey Everyone,

My new i5 3570k arrived today to replace my i3 2120. For now, I have it running on an H61 (Updated BIOS) 'till I can afford a Z77 and a better cooler.

Thing is, I'm trying to check the temperatures with Open Hardware Monitor. I tested it with GTA IV (And GTX 660), and:

Cpu core shows 77c (max)
Cpu core #1 88c
Cpu core #2 84c
Cpu core #3 84c
Cpu core #4 85c

All of them, Max temps. I think there's no need to say this are high temps, I know that. By the way, Intel's turbo mode is enabled so the clock speed went up to 3791mhz.

Any temporary solutions? Underclock it? Disable intel's turbo? I know this is not the adequate mother nor cpu cooler for this unlocked i5, I'll have that (hopefully) next month, so avoid that.

Should I try back the stock cooler that I was using with the i3? Maybe this stock cooler just fails
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    I don't think that the temperatures are related to the motherboard or the turbo boost settings. It sounds like you installed the heat-sync or thermal paste incorrectly. I would advice reading this article and verify that everything is seated and installed properly.,3600.html
  2. Stock cooler is crap and 3570K is hot

    Stock with Turbo for my old 3570K at 20c ambient running prime95 would bring temps to about 85c+
    (Turbo only to 3.5/3.6ghz due to high load)

    As always, check to make sure everything is installed properly
  3. Hello,

    What are the idle temps? They should hover around 30C - 35C. If not, double check the cooler installation, as jkhoward suggested.
    It could be also the board itself by putting too much voltage into that CPU, as the H61's were the low-ends for Sandy Bridge.
  4. Idle temps are 43c to 47c, so not good at all. Would you say it's a good idea to lowe the voltages? Even if that's possible on an H61. Stock cooler was installed properly, and since thermal paste comes pre-applied, I doubt there was any problem with that either
  5. what are your ambient temps?
  6. That would be 12c - 15c so that's why I'm concerned. By the way the voltages are set @ 0.984v according to the bios
  7. those votlages aren't high at all
  8. Alright then, tomorrow I'll order a new thermal paste and re apply it. 70% rubbing alcohol would be ok to remove it? And one very last question, what should I do to keep my cpu temps cooler these days? I won't play any games, but anything that gets me below 50c by simple web browsing or skype would work.
  9. 70% is good enough if you don't have anything better

    Maybe get your case temps down with better case cooling, don't have the PC in a constricted place
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