Building new gaming pc????

Hiii guys I am building a new gaming pc here's the configuration
1. Cpu amd fx 8320 3.5 ghz oc
2. Asus M5A97 le
3. Gpu ddr5 saphire radeon r9 270x
4. Ram corsair ddr3 8gb 1600 mhz
5. Psu corsair vs650 650 watts
6. Antec v1 cpu cabinet
7. Antec c40 cpu cooler.
So is this setup good enough for hardcore gaming and I have a doubt about that cpu cooler so any better suggestions regarding it. I live in india so mention in rupees
Dont care about hdd and optical drive I will be using my old one's they are good.
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    I wouldn't call the 270x "hardcore". High end yes, but hardcore is really 280x and above. Still, you'll be able to play most games on high settings.

    Good build. If you want a good CPU cooler, the 212 Evo is recommended more than anything else:
  2. Does that 212 evo supports am3+ socket
  3. maqsoodpasha said:
    Does that 212 evo supports am3+ socket

    Yes, it does.
  4. How about deepcool frostwin and does it supports am3+
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