What is the differences between these 2 motherboards. [Gigabyte] [System Build]

Hi I am getting a New Motherboard for my build, I am wondering what are differences between the GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-Gaming 3 LGA 1150 and GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-Gaming 5 LGA 1150 they seem to have the same exact specs and the Gaming 3 is cheaper.

OT: Is that a good motherboard for the money? If not please provide me a motherboard thats from Gigabyte or Asus. Or should I go for the MSI G97 Gaming?
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  1. age?
  2. No its decently not age why? They are both Z97 chipsets MOBO they just came out recently.
  3. WOW, your right. I can't find a single difference.

    Only thing is that one of them has a bigger chipset heatsink.
  4. the link I did was a feature/hardware compare... Just the Amp...
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    Actually the amp in the gaming 5 and gaming 3 is the same, corroded accidentally selected the mATX gaming 5, rather than the standard ATX gaming 5.,4966

    The actual difference would be the quality of the components that make up the board. It's difficult when selecting mobo's, as companies only list the major components of the board, and little information is available to the average consumer as to the rest of the parts. More expensive boards will (generally) have better power management, overclock better, run cooler and last longer due to these improved parts.
  6. Thanks so much
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