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is it worth buying a alienware dekstop rather than try building your own gaming pc with same specs?do they have same performance in modern gaming?(4th Generation Intel® Core™ i3 Processor
4th Generation Intel® Core™ i3 Processor
Windows 8.1
6GB Memory
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 745 with 4GB this alienware pc equivalent to a custom built pc?)
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  1. Well, you could make a custom build PC with those specs. That is a broad term. Alienware typically costs more, though.
  2. which one may have better performance?alienware or the custom built pc?
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    yakamaster said:
    which one may have better performance?alienware or the custom built pc?

    It depends on the specs. You could easily make an Alienware-spec PC for half the price. You could build a PC with much better specs than the best Alienware.
  4. i would rather build my own pc and maximize all the funds to a perfect gaming machine, no offense to alienware but theyre just doing the same thing with the (ready made custom pc) and mostly its the brand name that you'll be paying extra for, compared to building your own gaming rig you get to choose which part color theme , make and models/ alienware only integrates their partner brands w/c is not a good thing, because not all gpu/cpu/motherboard/harddisk/ manufacturers have good name at a certain product, what if alienware integrated a gpu/memory/ or harddisk that came from a company that does not have good reputation on making one,

    so i say you build your own rig choose the make and model of the hardware before buying make some research,
    and you'll be good.. hope this helps
  5. ya..thank you for the reply :)
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