GTX Titan for 500 a good deal?

I am currently in the process of rounding up parts my a new PC build. I have the opportunity to get my hands on a GTX Titan (non black) 6gb card for 500 dollars Canadian. I don't think they are on the market anymore as they were replaced by the Titan Black but I heard they are comparable. I play on 1080p currently, but will jump on 1440p when they 120hz monitors become a bit more affordable.

I was looking at getting my hands on a GTX 780 and they go for $550 and up Canadian for the basic EVGA 780 not superclocked or any other fancy versions.

The guy selling it says he's only used it for 4 months and never overclocked it.

So my question is should I jump on this GTX Titan? Pretty good deal? Or should I just buy a brand new GTX 780? I have $550 cash in my hand right now ready to pull the trigger.
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  1. I'd say the gtx 780, titan and 780 are equal in performance (except for deep computing programs).
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    get titan instead of 780 then.
  3. TechyInAZ said:
    I'd say the gtx 780, titan and 780 are equal in performance (except for deep computing programs).

    Wouldn't the 6gb benefit me in the near future? I keep hearing games are already pushing the 3gb vram usage.
  4. Havo_k said:
    get titan instead of 780 then.

    I think I will. I am mostly just indecisive. I don't even know why I am made a thread lol.
  5. Some games, unoptomized ones, and modded games, are pushing the 2GB wall at 1080p. 3-4 will be enough for years to come, anything over that is only needed for high resolutions or professional work.

    So it wont be needed in the near future. If it was new I would get it hands down, its the same base chip with more vram, so if its cheaper why not. However I never recommend buying a used card. You dont know how well it was treated etc. It could run fine the rest of the time, or it could fry tomorrow, you simply cant know. Also that means no warranties, no replacements, no RMAs.
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