Files are Missing from Newly created external HDD from Laptop Hard disk

I created a new external HDD from my HP Pavilion Laptop after its motherboard crashed. The file system in my crashed HP Pavilion laptop was NTFS and it had 4 drives. C: (System), D (Recovery), E, F and G. All drives had sufficient number of Files.
After my laptop crashed, I removed the hard drive and created an external HDD with Nextar enclosure.
The Problem: When I connected this External Hard disk enclosure to another Acer Laptop, The drive names are changed, could still see most of the files but I found many important personal files missing.
The System drive C: in my previous laptop was now H: in External HDD, with zero files in it.
some of my files in C: is in different drive in external HDD. I dont know how the external HDD behaves.
I just want to recover my important files, and I have not hidden or deleted any file in HDD or in my crashed HP Laptop.
I have tried many options like un-hiding files at system level in Control Panel, and also some recovery tools, but didn't help.
Any suggestions would be highly appreciated
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  1. To recover your files, pull the drive out of the latop and connect it to a pc direct to the motherboard. Run Checkdisk on it and if it's OK you can then copy files from it.

    An OS on an external drive doesn't work.
  2. After I created the external HDD from my crashed laptop, I connected to a different laptop and I'm not trying to use my external HDD OS.
    Since it is a different laptop I connected my external HDD the drives have changed and files are invisible. Could this be a memory address issue?
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    Did you install the drivers for the external drive in this new laptop?
  4. No I did not. It didn't say anything about drivers missing or any drivers in general when I connected the external hdd. Is there any specific driver you suggest that I should install? If yes, please let me know I'll try that.
    As said before, I can still see many of my other files and some media and jpegs.
  5. The driver for the external hdd of course.
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