Need help changing core voltage in Bios!

I'm doing my first overclock so I'm a bit noobie and need some help. I'm in the Bios and have selected my CPU frequency and everything else I want but for some reason I don't think I can access the CPU core voltage. I can select between 'Manual', 'Auto', 'Offset', and 'Adaptive' modes, but there is a number to the left that is stuck at 1.026V and can't be changed. I have noticed that there is a setting called 'CPU core voltage override' directly underneath that allows me to change it when in manual mode, so is that what I need to dial in to get my desired 1.2V?
Also can anyone tell me what what offset mode is?
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    There is a good guide here explaining offset mode

    If set to manual then yes, thats how you change the Vcore to the desired voltage but read the link first :)
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