Want to Upgrade my Graphics Card

I am looking to upgrade my computer recently and i figured a graphics card would give me the best improvement for gaming.

Currently running
AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series graphics card
AMD FX-8100 Eight Core Processor

Unsure as to what other information i may need. My friend helped me pick out all the stuff in the computer and I'm not too bright with computer parts.

I mainly play games like League of Legends, and obviously that doesnt need a whole lot of power to run efficently. I also like to play big open world games like Skyrim, and would love to play them all at high quality without the occasional frame drops.

Thanks much for reading and any help i receive.
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  1. budget?
    power supply brand and model?
    monitor resolution?
  2. Raheel Hasan said:
    power supply brand and model?
    monitor resolution?

    Budget id put as between 100-500$, preferring somewhere in the middle of course.

    Power supply is an Azza Alpha 500W

    Monitor resolution is 1920x1080.

    Im running two monitors, one sadly is HDMI while the other is VGA. Id love both to be HDMI as well.
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