GTX 650Sc Good Enough for Dayz Epoch Plus Amd phenom x4 945

will a GTX 650Sc Good Enough for Dayz Epoch Plus Amd phenom x4 945 plus 16gb ram 1866
700watt corsair psu Good case Airflow and if so what settings my phenom is oc 4.2Ghz
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    The GTX 650SC is a decent card for DayZ Epoch. My brother's PC runs a GTX 560 which has similar performance to your card, so expect to run at medium-ish settings.
    Remember this game isn't a very well multi-threaded game, nor is it SLI or Crossfire optimised. The game does have profiles for SLI & crossfire but isn't very good at running them, so if you plan on ever getting SLI or Crossfire capable graphics cards for this game, you're gonna have a bad time.
    This game will only utilise 1 CPU core of your 4 available CPU cores and will either consume 1 entire CPU core or divide the load across all 4. I am unaware of your CPU however you should still have no problem running this game on decent settings whilst receiving 40+ frames, which in this game is perfectly acceptable.
  2. thank u for all the support !
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