Upgrade: Current=Asus GTX 560 1G. SLI or New Card??

Hi All,

I'm looking at upgrading my rig in the next 2 weeks.
I'm not sure whether to buy the same card to use SLI, or buy a better card.

I'm not looking at spending a lot.

Interested in the Asus GTX 750 TI 2G
See the price list below (Australian $)

My budget is around $150-$200 Australian $

My Specs are below:

MB: ASUS 98z68-V GEN3 S1155
PS: 750W
Water Cooled
Currently running dual monitors, main is 27" running 1920 x 1080

Currently using it for gaming mostly, also a bit of video editing.
(Watch Dogs, BF4 and soon Far Cry 4)

So not sure if i should go SLI with the same card, or buy a better card.

If i buy a better card, can I run both cards at the same time?
Not SLI obviously.

Please let me know what you think is best.


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  1. Thanks Stark.
    So you suggest I buy a new card and just run the 1 card, rather than run the old one as well?
  2. Best answer
    You aren't going to see a whole lot of performance gains going from a 560 to a 750ti. The power efficiency is incredibly on the 750ti but in your case is of very little concern. Look at a gtx 760 or a r7 270/X or even r9 280.
  3. I would spend a little more and get the 760 also. The 750 Ti is great, but not a huge performance boost over the 560.
  4. Thanks Guys!!
    Very helpful
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