asus Z87K or msi z87 G43 for i5 4670k

asus z87 k or msi z87 g43 is really good.... for i5 4670k ?
my only need is gaming....
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  1. Not much difference between those 2, but I'd get the Asus board simply because I've had 0 problems with them in the past, and it costs less (in the US at least).
  2. but in india asus cost more
  3. Well in that case you should maybe go for the MSI Board. Neither of them is bad, it's mainly the price that I would base the decision on.
  4. sir... would it cause any problems in gaming ?
  5. Nope, no problems in gaming with either of them.
  6. arun1994s said:

    my only need is gaming....

    There is nothing like a gaming motherboard. Those high end motherboard usually serve SLI or CrossFire as the main purpose. Other than that it only affects if you are going for an overclocking tournament or you want to brag about your benchmark scores on the internet. It doesn't affect gaming visually to the human eye.
  7. THANKS TO ALL....

    I5 4670K

    MSI Z87 G43

    8GB RAM

    Sapphire AMD/ATI HD 7770 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card

    Cooler Master G Series G600 RS-600-ACAA-B1 600 Watts PSU
  8. It's OK, although that GPU is a weak compared to the CPU.
  9. I would say that rig is heavily unbalanced. Even if you have a 720p monitor the HD 7770 is still very weak compared to the CPU. And if you have a 1080p monitor that is out of the question.

    Also i wouldn't get that PSU.

    Here is an example of how tomsHardware makes builds(although toms went a little too extreme on this one),3780.html
  10. what about Seasonic M12II bronze 750 watt psu ?
  11. That's a great PSU, now all you need is a stronger GPU.
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