Problem with wireless network adapter or access point

Hey guys, new to this site so go easy on me.

My laptop disconnects from the Wi-Fi very often and would usually show "Limited Access". When I see this, I right click on the Wi-Fi icon and click Repair. After a few minutes of "repairing", it would show that the problem which is "Problem with wireless network adapter or access point" has been fixed. And it has indeed been fixed. For a minute or two. My laptop would disconnect again and I would have to repeat the vicious cycle.

The other laptops in my house seem to be working fine and so does my phone. But what I've noticed is that when my laptop is the only one turned on and the other laptops are off, I would have no Wi-Fi problems at all. I enjoy hours connected to Wi-Fi. But when someone turns their laptop on, the aforementioned problem occurs. And the strangest thing is, this only happens to my home's Wi-Fi connection. When my laptop connects to other Wi-Fi connections, this would not happen, no matter how many laptops are connected to the Wi-Fi connection.

So what's faulty here? My laptop's wireless card or my router? Or something else entirely?
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    Something similar happened to me. IDK if this might work for you but worth a shot.

    The router was provided by my ISP. When laptop was connected to the wifi, when my phone was trying to connect, it would get internet access but my laptop(initially connected) would get disconnected/no access. (only 1 device at a given time would get internet)

    I called the ISP and they changed a few settings. Now as many as 5 devices can be connected and work fine.

    Worth a shot: Try conencting all devices at once. If only 1 works, then you have the same problem I had. If any 1 does not work then it could be an issue with the adapter.

    Hope could help (p.s. 1st answer..go easy :P )
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