RCA HDTV D56W20 Red,Green & Blue lights/Lines

When i turn my TV on,it screeches as well, sometimes the screen is completely black, for a little bit about 3 minutes or so...Then the Red, Green & Blue lights will flash up. Just lines at first up and down the screen, in scribbles even. Then the TV will blink the same colors. Then comes on like normal. After a while when the TV is on, If bright colors flash up...the TV flickers Whiteish Redish colors for a little bit..then it will come back to the regular viewing picture. What is it that may need to be replaced? Why is this happening?
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    It may just need a repair - say a loose cable. Or it may need a new screen and/or a new circuit board. You need to take it to a repair center where they can test it.
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