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Hi Everyone
I Have A Problem
Please Make It As Cheap As Possible
I Just Built A Custom Pc and My Mobo Does Not support Wifi
and The Router Is Downstairs In Another Room about 20M away Through Doors and Steps And Stuff
Need It To Be Low Profile
Moving The Pc or Router Is Out Of The Question.
Thx please answer ASAP
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  1. - A USB or PCI-E WiFi adapter

    - A powerline solution

    - Creative Cat5e cabling
  2. you should run some cable, if you can it would be best to route it through the wall.

    non wall option flat cat5 cable

    that cable does not have twisted pair so keep it away from things that might emit emi



    how to fish a cable

    how to punch down cat5e
  3. Best answer
    Something like this, like USAF suggested

    But you may want a higher speed. Maybe check with your isp to ask if it will work? Not sure how exactly these things work or if its different for each isp.
  4. You can select the 500mbps version by clicking that class under the price from newegg
  5. Note that the "500Mbps" version will likely not get anywhere near "500Mbps" on internal transfers.
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