Is this a good deal I am buying off a guy??

90 euro including delivery for this....

Lg flatron w2261v
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  1. Don't buy it it's known to have issues.
  2. I know I litteraly watched that vid a little while ago, the chap said it was in perfect working order though
  3. Would you buy it?
  4. That's up to you , as long as he will let you return it if something is wrong with it.
  5. Thats what ive asked him now, but is it a good deal if its working properly with the 2ms and 1080p 60hz?
  6. It's decent deal as long as it's working at full capabilities.
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    i have had this monitor
    it is not worth 90 euro... even if it is brand new

    still LCD (high power consumption)
    so-so color
  8. I don't buy used components , you never know how the stuff was treated and with new you get a decent warranty.
  9. ok any good recomendations then guys?
  10. Budget?
  11. 100 euro maybe a second hand one looking for 1080p atleast 5ms and 60hz refresh rate is there anything else I should know that means much to a monitors specs?
  12. since i cant point out to any euro store
    use this link as price reference fro Full HD LED monitor
    UK pricing
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