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I have a dell reinstallation disc, but bought another used dell computer, and both are fairly new workstations. can I use the dell reinstallation disc from the Precision and use it on the optiplex?

In other words: let's say for argument sake, that I bought 10 used dell optiplex computers to network at home and I want to use an reinstallation disc from my other used dell precision computer. all of these computers are about 4 years old. This is a DELL Windows 7 pro 64 BIT reinstallation disc.

If not then what kind of reinstallation disc do they use at company employers who has nothing but dell computers.
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    The disk will probably work for installation, but you need 10 different licenses. 1 for each PC.
  2. Ouch, you just broke my back. A dagger in my heart. Anybody have any licenses I can borrow?
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