Gigabyte gtx 760 4gb rev 2.0 questions...

I've been researching a lot about this gpu and i decided to give it a try and i have somo questions before actually buy it.

1. 4gb or 2gb for mostly gaming and surfing the web with dual monitors?

2.Its the 4gb model more overclockeable than 2gb because i will overclock the hell out of it!

3.Gigabyte gtx 760 fastest of all non-reference models?

4.Can i combine the power of the hd 4600 and gtx 760 because ive seeb that you can in yotube channels like Tech of Tomorrow and stuff... Can somebody comfirm that?

5. Is the Xfx pro 650w good for oc boh cpu and gpu little?

5. Is my system good?

I5 4690k 3.4 might oc
Gigabyte gtx 760 4gb
xfx pro 650w
8gb corsair vengance ram
cm seidon 120m
ga z97x gaming 7
sentey arvina gaming case

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  1. 1. 4GB will enable you to use higher resolution in the future
    2. All GTX 760 have the same chip, the overclock ability is almost the same with all of them
    3. Same answer as No.2. If you feel it's slow there's always overclock
    4. Are you talking about intel HD4600 or radeon HD4600 series?
    5. For OC you're gonna want a bit more just to be safe say 700w
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    1. For a gtx 760 2gb is fine. to fully utilize the 4Gb of vram(and have playable fps) you would need 2 in SLI.
    2. No, the extra ram doesn't affect overclocking, how far you can OC is dependent on the silicon lottery
    3. No, the MSI hawk is the fastest(highest factory OC)
    4. No, while you can use both at the same time on some motherboard for multiple monitors the performance benefits are negligible.
    5. That 650w PSU is more than enough, your system will only pull ~350w. For a single gpu the 550w version would be fine, for SLI you'd want ~700w.
    If the 4Gb 760 is in your budget you may want to take a look at a 280x. Its faster than a 760 and the 280x has 3Gb of vram and is capable of using it. It does use more power but that 650w xfx is still more than enough for it.
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