PCIe x8 vs. x16

Hello everybody!
I have on my motherboard ( DFI LanPartyUT nF4 SLI-DR ) 2 PCIe x16 type sockets, meaning each x8 if SLI, one x16 and the other x2 if it's only one videocard inserted.
My problem is the chipset cooler which doesnt allow me to insert properly my videocard in the PCIe x16 socket (non-SLI). So I am wondering: what will happen (as performance) if i move the jumper for SLI, but using only the second socket which will have only x8 this way?
Thank you!
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    you can purchase flexable cable to plug card into and move it to bottom bracket
  2. Wow, very fast answers, thank you borh!

    Related to ezskills: I have a monster videocard GTX 460 way too modern for my ancient PCIe 1.0 socket. Which version will work better with my motherboard/processor (AMD FX-60 dual-core) : my single monster or two older videocards (made for this type of PCIe 1.0 with the HIGH quality of being smaller) in SLI?

    Related to ichigokunbaka: please give me a link to see what you are talking about (eventualy a site where I can buy it)

    Thank you both!
  3. Extra juice for tweekers
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