Connecting one network to another to allow printing.

I have Frontier for my ISP. We have two DSL connections. Consequently, we have two networks for those connections. I would like to allow a PC from network one access to a printer on network two. I tried searching the forums but, am coming up short.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Network one: Netgear B90-755044-15 modem/router with wi-fi enabled. One computer hard wired and several wireless devices connected.

Network two: Netgear B90-755044-15 modem/router with wifi disabled. A buffalo WZR-HP-AG300H router with wifi turned on. Connected to this are two hard wired computers, a hard wired printer, and several wireless devices.
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    Can you connect the networks using an ethernet cable or do you have to connect them wirelessly? If you can connect them together with a cable then all you need is a small router. You could even use the buffalo WZR-HP-AG300H router if you flashed it with a different router firmware like DD-WRT. But once you have a router in place you just need to make sure the IP addresses are not in the same subnet on the two networks (like they can't both use 192.168.0 or whatever. The third set of numbers in the IP address needs to be different). Then you should be good to go. If your going to use the two different networks with different ways to the internet you can't simply combine them. You need a router of some sort.
  2. It already has the DD-WRT and I am going wired. Thank you so much for the help!
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