dropped 1 tb seagate hd

i dropped my 1 tb seagate external it is not recognized in my computer and on restarting the computer it tries to read it and then ask to format the hdd. It is visible in Disk management as unallocated. is it possible to recover the data....and iwill my hard disk work after i format it... new hard disk is damn costly and i wont be able to afford it.
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  1. if its damaged the only way to recover data is with a data recovery service.
  2. For a dropped hard drive, the default assumption is dead and gone. Try one of the free recovery tools to get the data off it. Recuva, perhaps. If that doesn't work, retrieve the data from your backup.

    try this and let us know how it went

    The drive will probably never be usable again but you might be able to recover data with some data recovery software.

    I use Easeus Data Recovery Wizard but I believe the free version is limited to 1GB of data.
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    Unfortunately your drive is likely broken beyond repair and more than likely it can't be recovered because that would cost way more than a new drive.
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