First build help needed.

I'm planning to put together my fist PC. I have been spending a lot of time searching for parts and this is what I came up with, but I am not really sure whether those parts work togehter well. Here are the parts.

CPU: Intel 4670k
GPU: gigabyte gtx 770
Motherboard: MSI z97 Gaming 5
Case: orsair Carbide 300
PSU: Corsair RM650

Other parts I dont worry about. Maybe anyone has similar build or could give me advice about those parts and maybe if something should be changed. Im not looking to do much overcloking in the start, but probably later. And probably add one GPU when computer stars lacking power later on. Thanks in advance
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    looks god swap out the older 4670 for the newer 4690k. the 4690k has better thermal paste under the lid.
  2. Yes. All of those parts will work together.
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