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I have been getting a recent issue with my Nvidia graphics card driver. Whenever I have a game open, for example, Minecraft, it'll sometimes crash and the driver will recover, but it's been a recent issue and when I do my youtube recordings, I don't want to have that happen mid video.

My Graphics card is a Nvidia GT 610 and my graphics driver version is GeForce 337.88 which is the current and up to date version.

I'm a light gamer and I am not really hard on my graphics card, so I'll have one ruled out :)

Thanks in advance,

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    did you do a clean install?
  2. If you mean by reinstalling windows, then no. I'd rather not resort to that right now. I've got a lot of important files that I'd like to keep and I don't have anything I can use to transfer all that data(over 100gb's).
  3. No a clean install of your video drivers. When the driver application runs, there is an option in the lower corner for clean install. I removes all previous driver versions and clutter accumulated over time. Try to reinstall your graphics driver and select the clean install option.
  4. okay I will do that. I'll report if anything happens.
  5. Good luck. Also did this problem begin with the driver update or did the card previously work with the update?
  6. It started when I updated to the current driver.
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