In Firefox, Save as Webpage Complete, then open it offline in Internet Explorer 10 - Most of the Pictures are missing!

Does Anyone have this problem? Anyone knows how to fix it?

When I save from Firefox, I can read it FF and Chrome with no problems. Only in IE 10, most of the pictures are gone.

Thank you very much in Advance.
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  1. im guessing your using windows 7 or 8. have you updated to ie 11? might fix the problem.
  2. Hi iceblitzed, Thanks for the quick reply. I am using windows 8.0, IE 11 requires windows 8.1 which I'd like to stay in win 8.0 if I could.
  3. as time goes on in the internet web pages have become very complex so it is difficult for the built in save feature to capture everything. its not a software glitch or anything like that (it happens to everyone all the time).

    have a look at this extension for firefox

    Mozilla Archive Format, with MHT and Faithful Save 3.0.2
  4. Thank you for your suggestion. I have installed the plugin but it doesn't help. I have also tried to open it in MS Word, it's the same as IE 10, where it seems All MS products can't locate the files. I remember when I search on the net, I encounter some webpage saying firefox save the contents with a 'file' extension? somewhere? But I don't know how to find/amend it.
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