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I have a Raid 5 configuration on a client machine. I am not 100% familiar with RAID but it is configured and maintained using the AMD RAIDXpert software. I saw a critical drive, checked the BIOS Raid Utility and saw one drive was missing out of the 3 physical 1 logical configuration. I used method of elimination swapping and replaced the ailing physical drive. Now all 3 show up on Bios RAID however the new one shows up as single disk.

Going into RaidXpert the bottom line is all 3 drives show healthy, there's 1 critical LOGICAL drive that needs rebuilt. The new drive still shows as single drive.

Is my next move to rebuild the 'logical drive' on the newly installed 'single drive' and will I incur data loss for the client? I thought putting the new drive in would automatically trigger the rebuild. But Windows works fine. Just showing all these critical warnings and what not on POST and in the RAID utility.

I have progressive screen caps on

I really need to try to figure this out ASAP. I can remote in tonight and begin the rebuild if I have to, I've already done a Windows backup of the drive onto an extrernal unit.
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    Of the pics you posted, on the RaidXpert one - Below where it shows the logical array in Critical status is a field call Background status. This is the key field to see if a rebuild is running. Yours is idle so there is no rebuild happening.

    Since you've already installed a replacement drive, you merely need to click over to the rebuild tab, select the single drive as the replacement, and then click on Start Now.

    To do roughly the same thing thru the bios utility you would make the single drive a spare drive first.

    I would have your client consider purchasing a 4th drive and then installing it as a hot spare with rebuilds to begin immediately & automatically and also have it send out an email notification. This way you know when a drive has gone south and can order a replacement with minimal delay.
  2. Popatim - Thanks, I remot-ted in with Logmein and completed the rebuild tonight. Worked perfectly. I sweated the last 3% but it's all showing well now. Thanks!!!!!!!! MUCHLY!!!!
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