PC Overhaul, need some advice if possible on a few things...

Wondering if anybody had any thoughts/ideas on my plans to upgrade my PC. About to go to Uni and want it up to date. Bit of a long one, main idea is to play games, cope with an Engineering Course. I'll go through the different bits:

Case: Currently http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=CA-001-BX
Thinking of swapping it to http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=CA-329-CM as its a bit big currently, plus its battered and I've mucked the lights up so they are out of sync.

Motherboard: Currently http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=MB-554-AS
Want to move to Intel, and really want Intel WiFi and Ethernet rather than Realtek, so potentially http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=MB-264-MS&groupid=701&catid=5

CPU: Currently http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=CP-336-AM heard that Intel should have been the way to go when I built this so going with potentially http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=CP-539-IN as a replacement?

Graphics Card: Happy with http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=GX-207-MS

RAM: Happy with http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=MY-005-AM&groupid=701&catid=8 (should work with Intel fine)

CPU Cooler: Got this http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=HS-080-AK&groupid=701&catid=2330 on my current CPU, kept the box and Intel brackets so was just going to move it across.

Sound Card? Never had a soundcard, was thinking maybe I need one? I was going to get some decent headphones so maybe worth it? This seems to quite well reviewed http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=SC-005-AS&groupid=701&catid=11

Headphones: http://www.astrogaming.co.uk/a40-audio-system/A40-AUDIO-SYSTEM-ASTRO.html been told Astro is the best? Want sound quality, have no care really for mic (I need one) but rarely use it.

So yeah, any help and advice would be great.

Ignore Hard Drives, I've got a Western Digital 2TB Black HDD, a 1TB Seagate HDD, a 250GB Corsair SSD and a 120 Samsung SSD currently and I'm not touching them.

OS: I have a multi-boot system of Vista, 8.1 and Xubuntu.

The main thing I know nothing about is sound, I have Razer Krakens and Steelseries Siberia V2 for Xbox/PC atm, I don't have a soundcard on its own.

Any help would be great,

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  1. Your CPU is perfectly fine. A soundcard is far from necessary considering the ASUS one already has a great one built in. Besides a new OS... What is your problem? lol
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