DVD drive broken, is there a way to install a 2 disk game using a USB drive?

As we all know Windows 8 is -not good-. It rendered my DVD drive inoperable and after 3 hours of implementing fixes I've given up.

I have a brand new, non activated, game called MS Flight Simulator X which comes in 2 disks. I was thinking about copying the files into a big USB drive(using my windows7 laptop) and launching the install from the USB drive. It was all going swell until I got to "Please insert the disk: FSX DIsk 2". I manually opened the disk 2 folder within my thumbdrive and there doesn't to be anything I can use to continue the installation. What should I try now?

Now I remember why I've been avoiding computer gaming all these years -__-#
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  2. Hmmm..since it does plug into a USB it might be the work around I need. Great idea!
  3. The external USB DVD drive solves the stupid Windows 8 rendering your DVD drive useless problem. If you've tried messing with your registry, running the self repairs, etc... and that doesn't work, drop about $12 bucks for an external and problem solved!
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