EVGA 780 TI dual classified vs EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Ti Superclocked

Hey guys, I am building a new PC, and I want to know which one is better?

Also, do they both fit into a Cooler Master Stryker? thanks.
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  1. They are very close in performance.
    Both will fit your case.
    I would buy the superclock; I like the cooler better.
  2. Regular 780 Ti and over clock it yourself. Save yourself a few bucks.
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    Graphics card makers are wise to overclocking.
    They select the best binned chips for use in their factory overclocked offerings so they can get a better price.
    One might get lucky with a stock card and get a good overclock. But, do not count on it.
    I think the smallish price premium for a guaranteed overclock and a factory warranty is a fair value.
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