Programs that trigger windows 7 basic color scheme (and AMD catalyst control center question)

The OSD on my TV is constantly on, taking up 10% of the screen, letting me know that I'm hooked up to hdmi 1, 1080p. the only fix I have found so far, is to activate LCD overdrive in amd catalyst control center. I upgraded the drivers to the latest version however, and LCD overdrive is no longer there. Is there any way to get it back (i tried reverting the drivers) and what programs out there force trigger the windows 7 basic color scheme?

EDIT: also, are we allowed to bump threads?
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  1. did you try a restore previous of the settings .
  2. scout_03 said:
    did you try a restore previous of the settings .

    I'm not sure what you mean by that. I imagined uninstalling and reinstalling drivers would default all settings.
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  4. I don't know how to deal with the OSD, but for your last question, here is a batch script that will toggle the basic Win7 color scheme and Aero.

    @echo off
    sc interrogate uxsms | find "1062"
    if %errorlevel%==0 goto :sc_start
    sc stop uxsms

    sc start uxsms
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