Laptop won't power on after opened up to clean

I recently opened my HP Pavilion G7 laptop in hopes of cleaning the cooling fan. I removed the hard drive, RAM, wireless internet card, and battery. I then could not remove the keyboard so I stopped and put everything back together. Ever since I did that the laptop won't turn on at all. I don't get an error message. The light on the power button does not even light up. Based on a post I saw here, I tried removing the hard drive, RAM, and battery again, and plugged the laptop into the wall. Still nothing. It seems like either I have a major problem or something related to the power button is not functioning. Can anyone suggest anything I can do?
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    Hi, maybe the cable for the power button board is disconnected from the manipulation you did. It's under the keyboard, on the top left. Here is the maintenance manual, it will help you find the connector.
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