Korean 30" or 27" 1440p & higher: How can you crossfire these with only 1 DVI input?

Perhaps I don't understand crossfire or SLi type systems right, thought you had to run a cable out of both video cards for it to do anything.

So, I just got a r-290 , and was planning on buying another in a few months for crossfire once the prices come down. ALso, I am looking at these $300 Korean monitors, do they work with Crossfire? I am aware the Xfire no longer requires connectors and the PCI-e communicates the info, so I might be showing my ignorance on this whole output thing if that is the answer :|

That being said: which brands have you had the most luck with? I do game, but nothing competitive and my FPS is limited to day z type games and DOTA2 so 120hz isnt needed - feel free to point me in the right direction wanting to say under $450 and I want to opt for Pixel perfect
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    If you are in the US, Newegg sells these monitors as well now. Might want to look into their return policies concerning these monitors. Some people have had amazingly good experiences with these monitors and some very bad, much like anything in life really. But buying through the Egg may elminate some of these headaches. I think even at $450 you can snag a 2560x1600 monitor.

  2. okay this picture answered my question :P
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