SMART ID C5 and C6 error - drive hangs

I was using my PC normally until I opened a PSD file which was on a WD 500 GB Caviar Green Drive WD5000AADS. Photoshop got stuck. I opened a few other files and a disk read error message came up.. Rebooted windows but stuck on windows logo. I removed the drive from the SATA port and put it in an external USB 3.0 case. Windows started. Some files are readable on one partition and on the other partition, the directory/file list shows but the progress bar keeps moving in the explorer address path field. -Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostics - WinDlg (DLGDIAG for Windows) v1.27 could not complete quick test stating Status Code 07.
-CrystalDiskInfo Shows value of 200 on both Current and Worse for SMART IDs C5 and C6.
- Power on count is 5110.
-Power on hours count is 17340.
-Files are showing up in DOS.
- Purchased in 2009.
-Windows 7 64bit on Core i7 2600, 16gb RAM.
This is a secondary drive. Primary drive is a WDBLACK 1TB for windows boot.
-Drive Temp is 41c
-Two partitions of 232gb.

I can still copy some files using xcopy in CMD. It worked. Im not using this drive for any read/wrtie now. How do I backup the data from it? WD has Acronis for it at
This drive has bad sectors, does it? Can it be copied or imaged? I dont want too much unneccsary activity on the heads and platters as no idea what state they are in.

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  1. You can use WD's Acronis version to clone the drive. You'll need to dig into the options and enable a setting to "ignore errors" so that the program won't halt when it tries to read a bad sector.
  2. Thats what I wanted to find out - either use xcopy to do a conventional file by file copy to another drive (might get Abort,Retry Fail many times) OR use Acronis imaging to do a one off clone. What Im worried about is that if the imaging is done after a long drive activity and if due to the bad sectors the image is not readable then I will have further caused physical wear and tear. xcopy can be used but aprox 500gb is too much. You did mention ignore errors feature though...
  3. I understand the need to reduce the use of the failing drive, unfortunately the only way to get the data off is to attempt to read it. I think a one off clone might be easier.
  4. LOL WD Acronis is pathetic. The setup says "atleast one WD device must be installed on your system". All my HDD are WD. What a lame installer...maybe xcopy is better.
  5. You're right - but ill need some other cloning program that has error handling features. What would you recommend?
  6. I found this - it skips bad sectors
  7. hypervoxel said:
    LOL WD Acronis is pathetic. The setup says "atleast one WD device must be installed on your system". All my HDD are WD. What a lame installer...maybe xcopy is better.

    I've never used WD's version. I do have Acronis True Image Home 2012 and it works well.

    hypervoxel said:
    You're right - but ill need some other cloning program that has error handling features. What would you recommend?

    I haven't used easeus TODO backup in a while, but I think it will do the job or possibly Macrium Reflect.
  8. Might try Macrium. Talked to todo and they say they cant ignore bad sectors.
  9. Just had a chat with Acronis on this:

    Dillu: Hello! Thank you for contacting Acronis Customer Central. My name is Dillu and I will be glad to assist you. Please allow me 3-4 minutes to review your message. If you already have an existing case number on this issue, please let me know. Otherwise, I will create a new case and provide you the case number.
    You: Please take your time. If you need to consult any other technical representative, please do so. This is a tech inquiry.
    Dillu: Thank you for your patience.
    Dillu: As I understand, you would like to know if Acronis products can help you in cloning the drive with bad sectors. Am I correct?
    You: Yes, the drive is spinning and not clicking as well.
    Dillu: Thank you and I will be glad to assist you.
    Dillu: Cloning of a drive with bad sectors is not possible using our products.
    Dillu: Cloning would fail.
    You: I read this
    Dillu: If the drive has been backed up you may recover using sector-by-sector method.
    Dillu: Thank you for sharing the link.
    Dillu: As said, you may recover following the instructions however, cannot clone.
    Dillu: The link shared too speaks about restoring data re-sizing partitions.
    You: alright, lets say I want to get as much data as possible from this drive - what acronis product (if any) should be used?
    Dillu: Acronis is a disaster recovery management program. I mean, Acronis can only help you in recovering an Acronis created backup file.
    Dillu: As per the situation at the moment, you might need a third party recovery program.
    You: Alright. I also read this on your site. Ignoring the errors on the drive.
    Dillu: The the link has steps on how to handle errors.
    Dillu: It talks about how to handle error and proceed further during running backups.
    You: Selecting this box lets you run a backup even if there are bad sectors on the hard disk ensuring that you save as much information from the hard drive as possible.
    Dillu: Bad sectors can be ignored while running the backups.
    You: Ok, so if the backup is made ignoring bad sectors, will the backup image be readable? (of course some data due to bad sectors will be lost)
    Dillu: Is the file system on the drive in question showing up as "RAW"?
    Dillu: Yes, the backup can read.
    You: I was referring to these RAW values in the SMART data.
    Dillu: If a file system shows up as "RAW", it means the file system has been corrupt.
    Dillu: Acronis product may not help you in backing up.
    You: No its NTFS
    You: not RAW
    Dillu: Okay.
    Dillu: Just wanted to keep you posted.
    Dillu: As far as the file system is in good shape, yes you may use our product to backup ignoring bad sectors.
    You: The contents of the drive still show in explorer. Some files are also able to be copied using DOS xcopy command in CMD.
    Dillu: That confirms the drive in semi good condition.
    Dillu: You may use Acronis True Image 2014 to backup and recover.
    Dillu: Will there be anything else I can assist you with today?
    You: I downloaded Acronis True Image WD Edition Software from Western Digital's support page and the installation gave me an error saying that atleast on WD drive must be installed. All my drives are WD, why can't it install?
    You: one*
    Dillu: You have downloaded an OEM version.
    Dillu: We do not support OEM versions. You will have to contact WD for further support.
    You: Alright, I'll try using the trial version of true image and if it works, will purchase it. Does the trial also have all the full features needed in this case?
    Dillu: Acronis True Image 2014 trial does not has clone feature enables. However, you may use it for running backups.
    Dillu: *enabled.
    Dillu: My apologies.
    You: Oh I see, so I can still make a backup ignoring bad sectors, right? Or would a clone be needed (which is not available in the trial)
    Dillu: You may run a backup, however, "CLONE" is not available in trial version.
    You: And a backup still copies everything ignoring bad sectors and then I can recover all possible data afterwards while restoring from that backup right?
    Dillu: Yes, that is correct.
    You: Alright, thanks, just one last question.
    Dillu: Here is the link on how to run disk backups for your reference:
    You: Thanks
    You: Do you think the backup made in this case will be reliable? Will Acronis easily recover whatever is possible?
    Dillu: You're welcome.
    Dillu: Yes, as far as the backups is valid you may recover the whole data.
    Dillu: Once, the backups completes do validate it.
    You: Right, does validating it involve any disk activity of the previous disk (from which the backup was created, the damaged disk) or is the validation only going to run on the newly created archive on some other working drive.
    Dillu: It would only run on the newly created backup archive.
    You: Alright, it's a *.tib file right?
    You: Only readable by acronis
    Dillu: Yes, that is correct.
    You: alright, thanks for your time.
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    Cool. I just skimmed through the text. I was going to say if you can't clone the drive then image it, which is basically the conclusion of your chat. A full backup in Acronis is basically an image file but with a .tib extension instead of .iso - a proprietary format I'm guessing.
  11. It is proprietary it seems. I have also emailed WD and will post what they reply.
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