What CPU fan Cooler should be good enough to get the most of my I5 2500k?

am planing to do some overclock on my i5 2500k and am at lost on which Fan should i get, am running on a limited budget under 50$, i was thinking of getting Cooler Master V6 but its currently unavailable so my choices are :
- Cooler master hyper t4.
- Cooler master hyper t3.
- Cooler master hyper 103.
- Cooler master Vortex plus.
- Cooler master hyper 212 evo.
- Cooler master hyper TX3 evo.
- Cooler master Geminii M4.
- Cooler master hyper 212X.
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  1. hyper 212 evo is best bang for buck :)
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    I would exclude those with a smaller 90mm fan. 92mm fans are less effective and get noisy under load.
    The hyper212 evo with a 120mm fan is a good choice.
  3. The 212 EVO and 212 X are basically the same just the X VERSION is the latest generation.

    The others aren't worth consideration.
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