CPU performance between amd fx 8300 vs something intel I processor

Hi, people ..I'm just wondering about the performance level where does the Amd fx 8300 chipset fall to (Intel's I ) level i3, i5, i7 level ..which does this amd fx8300 compare to

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  1. They're on the level of the i5 CPUs (roughly speaking), although the Intel CPUs have better performance/core and the AMD CPUs have more cores.
  2. Generally in gaming the 8350 lies somewhere in the top end i3 or mid range i5's on the Intel side, in a few cases it can perform right up there with top end i5's and i7's though. In certain workloads the AMD stuff is actually pretty good for the money you pay for it but in others it's pretty terribly slow which make it really depend on what you are using it for.

    For the best consistent performance you probably want to go for a 4670k/4690k and push a little overclock. Unless you know you are primarily using the 83xx for something that it really excels at it's probably better just to not bother with it.
  3. thanks guys,,This is my newest computer using the amd fx8300 series, at 16gb system ram, with Nvidia Geforce GTX 770 2gb Graphics Card, Asus M51BC Desktop computer, with a little changes to it, but next time ,, my next build would be a custom build one.
    It runs everything very smoothly, plus games too, just I don't know much about this amd chip falls into compare to a intel I processor,,
  4. thanks stark33 ,, I don't know, much about my amd fx chip ,, it was display as AMD FX8300 eight core processor at 3.30GHz
    on CPUz and windows system. since the little upgrade on the graphics card, playing games are very smooth, like playing on xbox one console. I just wanted to know,,if this fx8300 reaches or achieve to a intel i5 to i7 level , of performance
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