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I have a dell 530s computer with a 250 watt power supply. I want to upgrade it to a 300 or 350 watt. Is this possible with the dell I have?
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  1. What's your PC model name ?
    Why do you want to upgrade ?
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    It's not worth upgrading a power supply in SFF case.
  3. Be careful to match the model number of the PSU. Many of the mass manufacturers used custom sized PSUs such that a standard ATX PSU will not fit. Additionally (if you thought you could buy a new case and PSU) the mother boards and other bits are not standard either.

    You may be relegated to buying an exact replacement for the PSU as a dell compatible replacement.

    Otherwise you could consider building a computer and scavange the bits that you can - or you can buy a new PC.
  4. It's not a standard ATX the S in the model tells you it's a SFF computer.
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