eyefinity problem whit 3 monitors

i bought 3 new full hd asus monitors yesterday. so i wanted to connect them up via my SAPPHIRE Dual-X R7 265 but when i want to display tree monitors it says "can't save display settings" i have on my gpu a dvi port a hdmi and a displayport al those r connect en converted via a stander dvi to hdmi and hdmi to hdmi and a displayport to hdmi. but is does not work im only allowed to use 2 of 3 monitors at the same time. i think by my self is has something to do whit the cable from my display port. but can someone help my ?
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  1. Atleast 1 monitor needs to have a DisplayPort connection to the Graphics card or you can try using Sapphire Flex technology you can find it on their website.

    EDIT : Just saw that your card doesn't support Flex, you need one monitor to be DisplayPort so that you can use 3 or more monitors.
  2. my monitor has a vga and a dvi and displayport conection so can just use a active converter ? other wise i cant do enything whit my new monitors ?
  3. Eyefinity requires atleast one monitor to be a pure DisplayPort connection from the GPU to the monitor, the rest can be anything or in your case HDMI and DVI. If one isn't DisplayPort then you can use 2 monitors maximum.
  4. and if i buy 2 other gpu's can use it then ?
  5. What do you mean by two other GPUs? You can keep the HDMI adapter for DVI, HDMI uses HDMI so that's it and all you need is a DisplayPort cable to connect from DisplayPort on graphics card to DisplayPort on monitor. You keep everything and only change DisplayPort.
  6. so i need to buy a monitopr ehit a displayport cocnetion ? in meen whit 2 more gpus that if i heve 3 gpus can i use the 3 hdmi outputs of the 3 gpu too use 3 displays ?
  7. When you say GPU it means a graphics card and you don't need to buy more graphics cards. You have 3 monitors. One monitor needs to have DisplayPort. If your monitors don't have that then you need to take one monitor and change it for a monitor with DisplayPort and use DisplayPort on that monitor. That will solve your problem.
  8. oke then i have to send one back and oerder one whit a displayport
  9. Yes, that is correct. Also may I ask are you going to be gaming on 3 monitors?
  10. yes yes i am but if where going to ask me somting about my gpu i know i made a misteke buying this i im goitn to buy a amd r9 290 x
  11. Oh ok I was a bit stunned when I saw R7 265 and 3 monitors. If you need any more help come back here so you don't have to start another thread.
  12. that card aint that bad tho ?
  13. If you mean the R7 265, it's good for single monitor gaming, decent card. If you mean the R9 290X it's a great card as long as it doesn't have the reference cooler.
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